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buttersmd asked
Do you think one person came up with the Marvel has snipers thing and everyone else thought it was funny and ran with it, or do you think it's in their official briefing? "If anyone asks you spoilers for this movie, tell them we have snipers on you. Because we do. We are always watching. You're never going to be safe from us again."


I think that there was one guy in the beginning of all of this that made a mistake. He was never heard from again, all trace of his existence wiped from the earth… only the mumbled whisperings around the Marvel offices/studios remain.

So yeah, I went to my job interview today with possibly the worst hangover I’ve had in about five years. I’m pretty sure I spaced out at one point while I tried to remember if I had a spare bottle of ibuprofen in my overnight bag. (I did not.)

Friends, do not trust my judgement on anything ever, I am clearly adulting wrong.

But hey, I got the job anyway! Woo! And I’ve already picked out my first paycheck splurge. 

This isn’t the age of spies. This is not even the age of heroes. This is the age of miracles… and there’s nothing more horrifying than a miracle.

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we’ve now reached the portion of the networking event where I worry about showing up to the job interview scheduled for tomorrow sober.

but…beer pong.

apparently this “networking” event is just an excuse to drink and play giant Connect Four.

…I’m super down for this



Oh good now I can tell you all again about this awesome thing, I mean come on isn’t it great? Vidder is Thuvia Ptarth. 

BEST vid I’ve seen in  ages. ever? possibly.

will reblog this when more of the world is awake. but. wow.